Who Should Attend

who should attend training

Design Engineers -  who are looking to use reliability analysis tools to improve the reliability of design.

Asset Managers - who are looking to set up their work management system in a way that provides for continuous performance improvement over the life of an asset or plant.

Reliability Managers - who are looking to improve the performance of their assets whilst ensuring efficient use of resources.

Maintenance Planners - who need to improve maintenance plans and resource arrangements.

Risk Managers - who need to optimise activities against the risk of failure and catastrophic incidents.

Maintenance Practitioners - who are looking to introduce an effective continuous improvement strategy and involve the workforce in improved decision making methods.

Safety Managers - who need to investigate incidents, reduce the risk of injury and improve workplace safety.

General Managers, CEOs and Executives -
who want to understand how to maximise business performance, increase output, and improve organisational profits and shareholder value.