Reliability Training

ARMS Reliability offers an extensive curriculum of reliability and root cause analysis training courses that provide thorough coverage of the underlying principles and theory as well as the applicable software tools.


Seminars are offered in both public and on-site venues worldwide in a range of disciplines.

Our training courses are designed to build your core competency and skill level to progress you through the learning curve from Innocence to Expert. You will gain the skills and knowledge to be able to implement  and drive reliability initiatives at your site with ease and confidence.

ARMSTraining Curve  

Benefits & Features of Training by ARMS Reliability

  • Onsite or Public: For your convenience, our training courses are available for delivery at your site and in many cases at public forums throughout the world.
  • Quality Training Manual and Materials: Our training materials are developed by professionals who understand the practical application of reliability in the real world.
  • Hands on experiential learning: We firmly believe in teaching you the concepts and then practically applying them. Being able to work with data during training leaves you empowered to be able to continue with this back on site.
  • Work to create models: In training we aim to create models that you would go back to work with.
  • Skilled, real world experienced instructors: Our trainers know what they are talking about because they have done the work themselves.
  • Reduce reactive maintenance: Learn the proven techniques that can be applied to your organisation.
  • Empowered to use Availability Workbench™: More than point and click training, you will learn how to apply AWB to your specific needs to develop the best solutions.
  • Introductory through to Advanced: Training courses for every stage of your reliability journey.
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