Training -faulttree

Isograph's FaultTree+™ allows you to create the logical relationship between sub-system and component failures and how they combine to cause system failures.

Key Learning Outcomes

This course familiarises participants with the features of FaultTree+™ software. Workshop sessions are based on the FaultTree+ computer program, ensuring the FaultTree and Event Tree analysis can be performed in order to perform Qualitative Risk Analysis studies, Safety case studies, Level of Protection analysis, SIL verification or scenario planning.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who has purchased FaultTree+™
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to create Fault Tree and Event Tree diagrams
  • Reliability Engineers

Industries that will benefit

  • Mining and minerals
  • Water and power utilities
  • Rail, Aerospace, shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas

Attending this course

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Course Content


  • Reliability
  • Fault Tree and Event Tree Analysis

Fault Tree Workshop

  • Viewing the Fault Tree Module on the Screen
  • Fault Tree Diagrams
  • System and Component Events
  • Construction Rules
  • The Sample Project
  • Adding New Gates
  • Adding new Events
  • Editing the Basic Events
  • Data Model Input
  • Verify the Data
  • Perform the Analysis
  • Viewing the Results
  • Explanation of the Results
  • Summary
  • Minimal Cut Sets
  • Importance Analysis
  • Producing Reports
  • Graphs
  • Sample Project

Event Tree Analysis

  • Vessel Rupture Event Tree
  • Viewing the Results Summary
  • Explanation of the Results
  • Producing Reports
  • Graphs


  • Component Failure and Repair Models
  • Initiating and Enabling Events
  • Risk
  • Sample reports

Attend Public Training | Hold Course Onsite