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Isograph's Availability Workbench™ is a powerful Reliability Analysis tool. By learning how to get the most out of this program, you will be able to drive change in your organisation and realise business goals sooner.

Key Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to fast-track you through the process of using Isograph's Availability Workbench™ software to make maintenance and reliability decisions. It's intent is to teach students the three main modules within Availability Workbench, RCMCost, AvSim & LCC by self discovery and working through a series of exercises.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who is new to Availability Workbench™
  • Anyone wishing to discover how to effectively use Availability Workbench™
  • Reliability Engineers

Industries that will benefit

  • Mining and Minerals
  • Water and Power utilities
  • Rail, Aerospace, Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
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Course Content

Introduction to RCMCost

  • RCMCost Features
  • Proactive Asset Management
  • Failure Data Analysis Using Weibull
  • Steady State Failure Rates
  • Why is the Weibull distribution important?
  • Interpreting Beta
  • Failure Behavior & Beta Shapes
  • Random Failure Patterns
  • Weibull in RCMCost
  • Data Quality
  • Practical Weibull Analysis
  • Choosing Maintenance Tasks
  • Using The Weibull Distribution

Introduction to Reliability Centered Maintenance Method

  • The Seven Questions of RCM
  • Introduction to RCMCost
  • Building an Effects Table
  • The FMEA Drilldown
  • Selecting Optimum Maintenance Task

Introduction to AvSim+

  • System Analysis And RCMCost
  • Creating Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD's)
  • System With 3 Components In Parallel
  • Increasing Complexity
  • Exercise Building RBD's
  • Production Capacity
  • Importance Analysis
  • Features of AvSim+ The User Interface
  • Modifying a Network Diagram
  • Common Cause Failures
  • Failure Mode Properties
  • Failure Model General Dialog
  • Failure Model Failure Dialog
  • Corrective Maintenance Dialog
  • Planned Maintenance Dialog
  • Inspection Dialog
  • Spare Parts Dialog
  • Labor Category Dialog
  • Project Options
  • Data Verification
  • Simulation Results
  • Importance Ranking
  • Optimising Spare Holdings
  • Application Options

Introduction to LCC

  • Global Variables
  • Phases
  • Building a Cost Breakdown Structure
  • Setting Interval Costs
  • Using interval costs from RCMCost or AvSim+
  • Setting Model Lifetime
  • Viewing Results
  • RCM Training Exercise


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